Customers Blog from April, 2012

365cups have introduced a new simple easy to use method of receiving orders. - A printer!

Its as easy as plugging it into your network with the supplied ethernet cable, plugging it into the power port, and starting it up.

The printer does the rest, its that easy!

Here is a demonstration to show you how very simple it is:

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Modern coffee orders

One of our Orange Cafe's has been featured in The Land!

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ONE Orange business is turning to social networking as a way of drawing in more customers.

Owner of DNA Coffee Ann O’Niell said she used social networking mediums, such as the 365cups iPhone and Android applications.

“People can order their coffee when they jump in the car, it’s a fantastic system and the orders come straight through to our iPad,” Ms O’Niell said.

“We have a Facebook page – we keep up on a daily basis, and it’s a great way of getting customer feedback.”