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Once off $121.00 development fee, no monthly subscription charges for standard features

iPhone App standard features:

  • Native iPhone application, on iTunes Store
  • Custom iPhone Colors
  • Custom iPhone Images and Logos
  • Call Us Button
  • Website Button
  • Address and Google Maps Locate Button
  • Menu – Customers can view your up-to-date menu anytime

Access to web portal standard features includes:

  • MenuBuilder – Modify your menu anytime
  • Marketing – Send messages to all your customers
  • Support – 24/7 365cups Support

Optionally, you can enable when you are ready:

  • Direct ordering from your iPhone App ($66 monthly service fee)
  • Orders come directly to your store via an Internet device
  • Access to existing 365cups Customers on the 365cups App

DIY iPhone App vs our Branded 365cups App:

  • We only charge $121! There are no monthly fee’s for our iPhone App
  • DIY means Apple requires you to pay a $99 annual fee to maintain your app in the App Store, we don’t charge * you anything, you don’t pay any annual fees!
  • Normally a DIY app will cost you between $5,000 to $10,000 + Maintenance Fee’s, we just charge $121 and that’s it!

How is this possible?

  • 365cups has invested a year of development time
  • Buying our branded application means you are leveraging our investment without having to invest that money yourself

When will it be ready, how do I pay?

  • Your payment is received before development begins. You will receive a Tax Invoice.
  • The application is usually ready in 2-3 weeks, as it needs to go through the Apple iPhone App Approval Process

How do I order?

Contact us and we will send you an application form

*All prices include GST

  • None