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Using this loyalty program, when a customer orders for the first time at your venue, they will receive a discount.

Once in the Create new Loyalty Program screen, choose First order X off from the dropdown, and you are provided with some options.

There are 3 main fields to discuss:

  • Amount - The amount which you will discount the first order
  • Program Ends - The date which the program will end
    • If set, you cannot cancel the program until the end date is reached
    • If not specified you can cancel the program anytime
  • Contact Customers - Choose whether you want to contact any nearby customers about your loyalty program
  • Total Potential - The number of customers within the selected radius that will be contacted

In the example above,59 customersare within 2km of your venue, that have the 365cups app, but have not yet ordered from your venue.

The 59 customers will be contacted, and they may well become new clients.


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