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Menu Items are grouped inside Menu Categories.  You can have many Menu Items inside a single Category

A Menu Item is what the Customer will order.  Some examples of menu items might be:


The following iPhone image shows Menu Items further define your Menu Categories:

Items are the second tier of your menu structure and provide variety to the category such as the items Espresso and Latte, two types of coffee.

To create Items you must first have created your Menu Categories structure. In this example, Coffee is the Category menu we will develop.

From the ‘What do I serve my Customers’ screen

Choose the Menu Category you want to develop -

Click Add Items


What Category do you sell? displays and will display the menu category you are creating, so for this help file 365cups is asking ‘What Coffee do you sell?’ as this is the menu category we are developing

Add a new Coffee type (or Name): Add all the types of coffee your business sells, is visible to your customers and is a required field.
Optionally, add a description: Gives more information to the customer to help them make the correct menu selection, this is an optional field.
Optionally, what’s the price: Sets the base price of a product at the menu item level. At the next level of menu - item option, prices are also optional. These prices add value to the base price, ie Cappuccino (base price sml - $4.00), regular (+0.50), large (+1.00), price of a large Cappuccino is base 4.00 + large 1.00 = 5.00 (see pricing below)
Add populates your items list of coffee types for the category of Coffee.


Populate your Menu Items within the Coffee Category by adding the following:

  • Type Espresso with an optional description of Single shot - one size and click Add
  • Type Latte and click Add
  • Type Flat White and click Add

Your Items list for each Category will differ and is defined by the amount of choices you offer your 365cups customers

Coffee Drink Items populating your Category of Coffee or just types of coffee you sell in your business.

Each listed item of Coffee Drinks can be modified by the choices to the right –

  • 0 Options – Defines the item to specific choice groups, ie size, milk type, sugar etc - Options
  • Edit - enables you to modify the category label

  • Copy – Copies the 3 fields of the item to enable you to add a similar item quickly.
  • Delete – removes the item entry and removes all Menu Items Options linked to that menu item.


Feel free to add a Description to a Menu Item. Be sure to keep the description short and sweet, long descriptions can be truncated on some devices.

On a customers devices the description will be shown below the Menu Item Name like so:

Adding a Price to a Menu Item means regardless of what options are chosen, the total amount calculated will be a minimum of the set amount.

For example, if you set Cappuccino price to be 3.80 as the price, regardless of what options, a Cappuccino's base price will be 3.80.

As a rule of thumb:

  • If an item has different prices for different sizes (drinks, ice cream, etc) don't set the price at the Menu Item level
  • If an item has one base price, with options, like a hamburger, then its a good idea to set the price at the Menu Item level







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