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Using this loyalty program, when a customer has already ordered at your venue, on their next order they will receive a discount.

Once in the Create new Loyalty Program screen, choose Next order X off from the dropdown, and you are provided with some options.

There are 4 main fields to discuss:

  • Amount - The amount which you will discount the next order
  • Max uses
    • Set this to 1 if you would like only the next order to be discounted
    • Set this to 2 if you would like to discount the next 2 orders, etc.
  • Contact Customers - Choose whether to email the customers, letting them know about your offer
  • Program Ends
    • If set, you cannot cancel the program until the end date is reached
    • If not specified you can cancel the program anytime

In the example above, 54 customers will be contacted about the program, and potentially come visit and take up your offer.


  • None