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365cups calculate the price on the fly, depending on:

  • What Menu Item the customer has chosen
  • What Menu Item Options the customer has chosen

The system will take a sum of all the Items, and Options selected and give a price, take this table as an example of what the customer has selected

CategoryMenu ItemMenu Item OptionPrice
CoffeeCappuccino 0.00
  No Sugar0.00
  Soy Milk0.50

The above example shows the customer chose a Large Cappucino, No Sugar, Soy Milk.

The price is 3.80 + 0.50, which comes to 4.30.  This is the price the customer will pay for this item.

Alternatively you can give Cappuccino a price, and the Menu Item Option 'Large' a price "on-top-of" the price of a Cappuccino, like this example:

CategoryMenu ItemMenu Item OptionPrice
CoffeeCappuccino 3.50
  No Sugar0.00
  Soy Milk0.50

In this case the result is exactly the same, 3.50 + 0.50 + 0.30 = 4.30.

There is no one right way to set pricing, the 365cups pricing matrix lets you design a menu and pricing structure that matches your existing one.







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