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Once your account is created, there are few things that need to be done before you can open your store

  1. Configure the address and Geo-Location of your store
  2. Create your menu using the Menu Builder
  3. Learn to open your virtual store
  4. Learn to use the store ordering interface

Once you have completed the above you are ready to take orders, then you can take a look at some more advanced features 365cups provides

  • Enabling Credit ore-payments for your customers
  • Updating customers Credit information
  • Using the Marketing feature to send out news about specials, and offers
  • Create a new Loyalty program for first time and returning customers in the vicinity of your store
  • Monitor the usage of Loyalty programs
  • Configure and Customise the Flashboard to show any information to customers

After some time you may be interested to see reporting statistics about your orders each day, and a monthly, weekly or all-time summary.

  • Learn about flagging Best Customers
  • A Daily Summary screen gives a snapshot of what has happened in the past few days
  • The Dashboard lets you view in-depth statistics about your orders and customers
  • Viewing and downloading your Tax Invoices

 Welcome to the 365cups documentation for Venues.

The goal of these pages is to give you and your staff an understanding about how 365cups can integrate into your business, and what features are on offer.

  • Just created your account? See the Quick Start guide to learn what to do next.
  • Are you a Barista or work in a venue?  Get a Crash Course on 365cups