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365cups keeps tabs on how much credit is available based on the prior purchase history.  And the venue can made modifications to their credit at any time.

Enabling Credit

By default Credit is disabled initially.

To being using the credit feature it must be enabled in your Account.  Click Account from the Menu Bar and select My Account from the drop down menu.Image Removed

Image Added


Scroll down to Store OptionsImage Removed

Image Added

Locate Accept Credit option

  • Set Accept Credit as Yes and click Save Options

The credit feature is now enabled.

How does a customer order Credit?

Credit is purchased from the Device the customer is using as they create their order

To add credit to their account -

  1. The customer places their order and selects Preview Order.
  2. The Preview Order screen displays the order and payment methods either in store or Add Credit.
  3. Selecting Add Credit the customer is then given the choice of adding the difference from their order total to a total or adding a total amount in addition to their order.
  4. The customer will then pay in store for their order + credit amount selected.

It is a regular MenuItem like any other, and they add it to their existing order.

Below you can see a normal Menu Item, and also the Credit items.  The customer just adds a Credit item to their order.

At the preview screen you can see the credit item is added to the total:


The customer submits the order and it is sent to the shop for payment.

How does a venue receive credit payments

A credit order appears on the screen like any line item.  As you can see here:


From this point, the $20 credit will be shown on the Customers Device, and they can use this to make payments.

How does a venue know the customer has pre-paid with Credit?

When the order arrives, the total price will be in green, not red:


If the customer does not arrive, you can press NO-SHOW, however, because the customer is using pre-paid Credit, their credit is deducted as soon as they submit the order.









What if the customer does not have enough credit?

If a customer tries to order, but does not have enough credit, they will not be able to pay for the entire order with credit.
The customer can add more credit to their order and top up.