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Before we get into the news, the fun stuff, 365cups is giving away a balloon ride (2 tickets, in your choice of city) for the person who gets the 10,000 order, so get ordering! Follow us on Twitter and Facebook for updates,watch your phone screen for order 10,000!

Now how are we tracking? We have been busy developing our first Custom iPhone apps that are already in store, more news of that coming. We’ve had a huge growth spurt of orders, made a TV commercial, and got our first few international clients!

This month we are on track of topping way over 2000 orders. Our TV commercial is coming in the Riverina to toot that horn for all of our Country Cafe’s.

So things are good, not just good, they are great! We love our customers, we love their customers, and have some great ideas coming up to promote their services, watch out!

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