To connect the 365cups Printer to a WiFi network, you will need a Dlink DAP-1155 Wireless Bridge, these usually sell for about $60.

This is a document describing how to configure the Dlink DAP-1155 Wireless Ethernet Bridge to work with the 365cups Ethernet Based Printer.  The Dlink DAP-1155 lets you connect a wired device to a wireless network.

0. If you are configuring the DAP-1155 through your notebook or other computer with a wireless card, make sure you disable the wireless network on your computer before proceeding.

1. Connect your computer to your Dlink DAP-1155

2. Wait a moment for the network to initialise, this can take up to 1 minute or sometimes longer

3. a. Open a web browser, and connect to the router using the IP address

3. b. Click on Next

4. a. Choose the Wireless Mode: 'Bridge'

4. b. Click on Next

5. a. Select the Configuration method 'Manual'

5. b. Click Next

6. Click on 'Site Survey' to list the networks around your Dlink DAP 1155

7. a. Wait a moment for the list of available networks to be populated

7. b. Select the wireless network you wish to connect to, and click the 'Select' radio button next to it

7. c. Click 'Connect'

8. a. If your wireless network has a Passphrase (most do), enter the passphrase exactly in this screen.

8. b. It must be correct, the system will not tell you if its wrong - So its good to get it right the first time

8. c. Click 'Next'

9. The setup is completed, click 'Finish'

10. Leave your computer connected to the Dlink DAP-1155 while the settings are saving, this usually takes about 20-90 seconds.

11. Once you have waited the 90 seconds, you should be able to connect to the internet as you would normally, through the wired network.

12. Try going to on your computer

13. If you can access the internet from your laptop or computer through the Dlink WAP-1155 bridge, you can now connect the 365cups printer to the bridge using the provided ethernet cable.

14. The 365cups printer will then access the internet through the wireless network via the Dlink WAP-1155