How does Bitcoin and 365cups work together?

365cups lets customers pay for their order using Bitcoin with no transaction fees.

Bitcoin (BTC) is the first ever digital internet currency that has no central authority like a private bank, government or reserve bank.  It is gaining popularity around the world extremely fast.

You can learn more about Bitcoin here, but in summary:

What are the risks of using Bitcoin:

Is it really 100% free?

There are some optional fees that you can pay to ensure your deposits and withdrawals take seconds, instead of hours:

How does it work?

  1. Customers top up their account with Bitcoins
  2. When an order is sent, it can be pre-paid using Bitcoin credit
  3. You then receive payments into your 365cups Bitcoin wallet
  4. You can withdraw your Bitcoins at anytime to another online or offline wallet.
  5. You can then spend your Bitcoins at another business, pay suppliers, buy goods & services online, or convert them to a local currency