365cups is designed to be fast and remove your existing telephone orders, as well as introduce a new way of ordering to your customers.

If somebody does not arrive, click on the no-show button:

You will be asked to confirm that it is indeed a no-show, and the order will be removed from the screen.

Stopping No-Shows

On the processing orders screen, there is a number that specifies how many orders the customer has successfully processed.

If this number is zero, the customer is new.  You can always wait until the customer arrives to start making their first order.

On their next order the number will be one, and you know that the customer is a genuine customer.


365cups keeps a record of all no-show orders in the system.  As of April 2012, for every 1000 orders there are on average 6 No-show orders.

This equates to 0.6% of orders, which is less than the cost of existing merchant facilities on a percentage basis*

*This example does not include any additional merchant fee's per transaction, and monthly estimates.

What happens when a customer receives a No-Show

The customers account is immediately disabled, which means they will no longer be able to make orders to any customer on the 365cups system.

For the venues security 365cups also keeps track of device identifications for Android, iPhone and Web, in order to prevent the user from creating a new account and sending another false order.

The customer then receives an email, letting them know about the issue and to contact 365cups to pay for the order so their account can be unblocked.