When an order arrives there is information shown on the screen which can help you process and understand and process your workflow.

On the screen you can see:

Here is an example screenshot of an order that has just arrived, with notations:

Acknowledging Orders

There are several status' that an order goes through the system before it is completed:

365cups lets you acknowledge just certain line items in your order, instead of the entire order.  This way food items can be prepared earlier than coffee items, and the screen will give you this visibility.

To start processing the order, Tap Cappuccino:

After tapping Cappuccino the line item becomes orange, which lets you visually know it is being Processed.

Once you have completed the Cappuccino, you can tap it once more to mark it as completed.

To mark the Cappuccino as complete, Tap Cappuccino:

After tapping Cappuccino the line item becomes green, which lets you visually know it is Completed.

This process is done for all line items, and can happen in any you wish.  For instance you can acknowledge all lines first, then start making the order.

After all items are completed the screen will look like this:

Above you can see line items have been processed and completed, but the order is now left in a Processing state.

This means the order is now waiting for the Customer to arrive.

Once the customer arrives, tap on or near the customers name:

The system will now show you 2 new buttons:

Tap once more on the Received Payment button, and the order will turn green (below) and disappear in a few seconds:

This is the basics of taking orders.  To see more features in the ordering screen, see the related topics below.

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